Why the Bidding System Doesn't Work for Freelance Platforms

How Popular Platforms Destroy the Promise of Freelancing

Why the Bidding System Doesn't Work for Freelance Platforms

These days, a freelance writer has many different platforms to choose from. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer all promise to connect writers with businesses.

Unfortunately, all of these platforms use the bidding system. Why is the bidding system a bad thing? This recent ad from Fiverr might help to answer that question.

It seems that freelancing through sites like Fiverr means destroying your body. Is it possible to be a “Doer” and eat healthy meals every day? Can freelancers create quality content while also getting eight hours of sleep every night? Probably not while using popular freelancing platforms.

In a bidding system, what determines whether or not users get a certain job is low prices.

The lowest bid often gets the job. Freelancers sacrifice quality if it means winning the bid. The result is that users pump out as much low-quality content as possible to make small amounts of money each time. It's not really a sustainable lifestyle. 

Bidding systems lead to chronic exhaustion.

The bidding system isn't what freelancing should be about. People should be able to work on their own terms. There are college students working part-time jobs who'd love to dedicate the small amount of free time they have to creating quality content. Being a “doer” shouldn’t be about working long hard hours, but about making quality work that aligns with your values.

YAYWORLD doesn't use the bidding system.

We're focused on young people genuinely expressing themselves the way they please. Writers build their own profile based on what they're interested in, then publish it on one of YAYWORLD's 480 sites corresponding to locations all over the globe. Writers have the option to cross-post content onto social media accounts, building 

Businesses can connect with writers through the platform if they see a good fit. Connection is based on quality, not price. Writers negotiate their own fees and deadlines instead of competing based on bids. YAYWORLD verifies businesses and ensures that writers get paid when their sponsored articles are published. 

You don’t have to deprive yourself of sleep to be a doer. Freelance on your own terms.

Headline Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

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